requirements, whether you're traveling, saving in the future, or paying individuals overseas. Login or Join Now to have a look and check Uphold Login.

Choices Pay Off

We are adding bitsilverTM, bitplatinumTM, and bitpalladiumTM (along with bitgoldTM, which we introduced in November) to provide consumers additional access to widely acknowledged and stable commodities. Holding these values as stable commodities, but with the ability to spend and transmit as bitcoin, for the first time makes these precious metals instantaneously transportable and transactional through Uphold Login. The bitfrancTM (Swiss Franc) is an independent currency with a track record of stability. Having bitcoin in Swiss Francs allows our members to confidently invest, move, and keep their assets.

Money is a universal language that links individuals from all over the world. For us, the capacity to provide accessibility and choice to multilingual users all across the world extends beyond translations. To genuinely embrace the global character of money, we must provide what individuals across cultures find familiar and safe for Uphold Login.

Bitcoin for Global Members

As of today, our global members may now store bitcoin in silver, platinum, palladium, and the Swiss franc. They can also communicate with Bitreserve in Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish (French and German are on the way!). We're happy to now provide six real-world currencies, four precious metals, bitcoin, and six languages. The continued addition of currencies to our wallet offering emphasizes that the money we use every day is as important to our sense of identity as our community and the language we speak using Uphold Login.


How many credit cards can I add to my Uphold account?

Your Uphold Login account can be linked to a maximum of three debit or credit cards.

How much money can I spend in a single day?

Every day, you can finance a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $500 using your debit/credit card. This article will show you how to raise your Uphold Login's financial limits. We make it simple for everyone to comprehend and use the 30+ digital and traditional currencies that we support to purchase, keep, convert, and send money using Uphold Login.

How do I obtain verification in Uphold?

After providing all of the required verification details, my account remained locked. Accounts must occasionally be locked while concerns are examined for Uphold Login. According to our Membership Agreement, which every user must agree to before using our service through Uphold Login, Uphold Login's policy is to allow just one account per user. Users who establish a large number of accounts in violation of this policy may face disciplinary action and be prevented from using Uphold Login in the future.
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